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The Canton Ticino acquired the following works of art:

The painter managed to express clearly her feelings in connection with the nature of the Ticino. Aspects of Ticino seen from the eyes of a northern woman, felt with the love and comprehension of an open artist's soul. In this manner she found the connection with the land and her inhabitants.


Charlotte Lilius wrote:

"Irma paints gardens, breath taking exotic Ticino landscapes, with colors of great luminosity, fairy tale views, moonlight visions, blooming fields, solitary huts in beautiful winter landscapes. The gloomy loneliness transpiring from her Ticino villages hits the viewer deeply"..

With the times the paintings of Irma assume a modern tendency. In the smaller paintings she captures magic and vanishing visions, details from the big book of nature that emanate strong spirituality. She paints still life's, a lonely stem in a vase, a branch of calicantus flower over a turquoise background. Paintings from which the superfluous is excluded and the spectator is invited to concentrate and meditate.
Gualtiero Schoenenberger wrote among others in one of his essay:

"Those beautiful horizontal landscapes from Irma Bernasconi Pannes, at times seem to evoke the latest works of Braque, true paintings of an artist that knows the sense of the matter and transmits it in a warm emotion".


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