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The government of the Canton Ticino purchased several works. His last studio was located beneath the big staircase of the Italian Consulate in Lugano and in this large studio Mario created fountains, Madonnas in all sizes, saints, children, figurines in all postures, and numerous monuments for cemeteries. His was without a doubt a rising career. Slow, but constant and productive until his last day when he was taken to a local hospital in Lugano. The 19th of March in 1963, at the age of 64 he died. His works of art remain and can be admired in many European cities. Many of the works can be seen in the Museum in Pazzallo.

May this museum, dedicated to the artists Mario and wife Irma, from their daughter Claudia and her husband Claudio, be witness of their artistic talents and dedication to the arts.

Art works in Switzerland and abroad:

Madonna "Virgo Potens" Cathedral San Lorenzo, Lugano
Nicolao della Flue Fountain, Neggio
Torso con testa Native home Pazzallo
Torso Town Hall, Pazzallo
Il Seminatore At the Agricultural school, Mezzana
Il Seminatore Museo Villa Ciani anniversario Fiera Svizzera di Lugano
Il Seminatore  Museo Villa Ciani anniversario Fiera Svizzera di Lugano
La Georgiana Town Hall, Giubiasco
Il Tobiolo Fountain, Massagno
Il Pastorello Fountain, Bevers, Engadine
Le Marmotte Fountain, Engadine
Sant'Antonio Godesberg, Germany
Demeter Relief Casa Franchini, Lugano
Il Mercato Relief Casa Pedrinis, Lugano
L'Acquaiola The water carrrier with the sculptor's great grandchildren
L'Acquaiola Fountain along the lake in Paradiso
L'Acquaiola Fountain along the lake in Paradiso
Il Genio del lavoro Krefeld, Germany
Il Lavoratore Town Hall, Cureglia
Il Mascherone Fountain, Pazzallo
Narciso  Cortile Museo Pazzallo
Il Risveglio Parco Belvedere lungolago Lugano
IIl Risveglio Close up view
Il Comacino Project
Prayer  Cemetery San Pietro  Pambio
Cristo    Statue grave family Rickenbach, Schwyz

Cristo 2                                     

Grave family  Rickenbach, Schwyz

L'Adolescente                                            President Etter observes the Adolescent
Adolescente,  Ly Bryks Dr. Ermanni, Sorengo
Asceta Museum Mario Bernasconi



Famous portraits by Mario:



Paintings and drawings  by Mario


Mario seen by other artists




Founders of the"Porza" cultural association

History of the Porza association

Giuseppe Curonici introduction to the volume Mario Bernasconi Salvioni Editore

 Des l'idee a la forme, exposition Porza, Musee Galliera 1939

Visit the birthplace and home of the artist 

Sala Capriasca where Mario and Irma lived from  1929 al 1933

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