6912 Pazzallo Ticino Switzerland

Discover Museo Mario Bernasconi

The Mario Bernasconi Museum

Museum and house of birth with a collection of artworks by sculptor Mario Bernasconi (1899 – 1963) and his wife, the painter Irma Bernasconi Pannes (1902 – 1971). The house of birth exhibits the artwork of the Twenties with drawings, stories, photographs, and personal objects from the sculptor.

Mario Bernasconi was born in 1899 in Pazallo, in the house in front of the museum. Trained at the school of Luigi Vassalli and then by Giuseppe Foglia, he learnt how to sculpt marble and to work clay. He drew bas-reliefs, studied the human body, and was fully convinced that his future lay in art. At twenty-two, he obtained his first Federal scholarship that was renewed for three consecutive years; many works were created in Pazzallo during his first years and perhaps they constitute his best works.

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L'Acquaiola Fountain

1956 - Inauguration of the Acquaiola (The Water carrier) on the Quai of Paradiso in the center of the fountain. Regarding the Water-carrier a very positive critique appeared, on March 9, 1956 by Prof. Charly Clerc, entitled: "Sculpteur tessinois" on the front page of the Journal de Geneve. Here translated from the French: "Mario Bernasconi is a fine and original artist who has worked hard. The projects in his studio stand to demonstrate not only a distinguished artist but a great artist" Soon in Paradiso the inauguration will take place of the young girl that draws water from the fountain, that is an ensemble of gentleness, grace and grandeur." On the ACQUAIOLA the painter Mario Guberti Helfricht from Ravenna, on the invitation for the centenary celebration of Mario Bernasconi 1899-1999 by the city of Lugano responded expressing as follows (in the Italian language) : "L'opera riprodotta e' un capolavoro,un vero inno alla bellezza femminile,quale solo un grande artista poteva fare." English translation: "The ACQUAIOLA is a masterpiece, a true hymn to female beauty, as only a great artist could do"

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See Mario Bernasconi's birthplace after restoration.

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